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Double Demerit Myths

Three of the biggest double demerits myths I’ve heard are:

  1. It applies to every single offence;
  2. That the fine doubles too;
  3. If you pay the fine late you’ll get the normal number of demerit points.

Double demerit periods are usually in place over periods of public holidays, when more people than usual are in the car and travelling. The idea is that with harsher penalties in place, people will drive more safely.

Does paying the fine late really work?

No. Absolutely not.

Demerit points are backdated to the date of the offence, once you have paid the fine.

The fines some in a few different forms. There are:

  1. Penalty notices;
  2. Penalty reminder noticed; and
  3. Enforcement orders.

If you don’t pay the fine before the penalty reminder notice expires, the fine will go to enforcement. This means that Revenue NSW enforces the fine against you. The demerit points are imposed and put onto your driving record, and you get fined an additional amount for paying late.

 Paying the fine late won’t help you at all, in fact, it’ll only really hinder you. If the demerit points for the fine mean you’ll go over your demerit point limit, then you’ll also be issued with a notice of suspension once the fine goes to an enforcement order.

Surely you don’t pay double the fine in double demerits?

No, you definitely don’t have to pay double the fine.

The monetary amount for each offence is published online. If you get pulled over or zoom past a speed camera you can check how much you’ll be out of pocket before the fine arrives.

The online list also shows the relevant demerit points attached to each fine.

What offences do double demerits apply to?

Double demerits don’t apply to all road and traffic offences.

Double demerits apply to:

If you get pulled over or fined for running a red light, you’ll still cop a fine of $464 and 3 demerit points – but you won’t incur double the demerits.

Use mobile phone offences is a whopping 10 demerit points in double demerits periods, and with the rise of Mobile Phone Detection Cameras, all drivers should be incredibly careful.

If you receive a fine in double demerits:

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